Hope for Hospice 4K

VHHP Hope for Hospice 4K a Success!

25 registered participants braved the rain the morning of Saturday June 26th for the Virgie Hegg Hospice Partners 4K Hope for Hospice Walk/Run.  It was a great success for the 1st walk/run the organization has planned.  The hope is to have the 4K an annual event for the organization.  This year the entry fee included a complimentary individual membership for VHHP and a Hope for Hospice t-shirt.  Memberships are one of the annual fundraisers for the organization.  Memberships help VHHP fulfill hospice patient financial requests for items/services not covered by insurance as well as high school and college scholarships.  Please visit the Membership tab here if you would like to support the organization with a membership.

  Thank you to all who participated in the Hope for Hospice 4K Walk/Run!


  • 15:30 Nathan Skon, Elia & Sebastian
  • 18:36 Cara Hegg
  • 25:13 Dan Reing
  • 25:23 Kassie Lucas
  • 32:18 Isaiah Briggs
  • 32:19 Levi Chaulklin
  • 32:20 Kohen Briggs
  • 35:00 Heather Chaulklin
  • 35:01 Becky Smith
  • 35:02 Shannon Martin
  • 35:04 Laura Bergman
  • 35:35 Tifany Briggs, Sue Gustafson
  • 42:30 Terri Nystrom, Connie Larson
  • 45:08 Hegg Family