Board Members

Virgie Hegg Hospice Partners Inc. is made up of 12 Board Members who are actively involved in fundraising and day to day operations of the organization. Board Members are elected by VHHP members at the Annual Meeting. The Board thanks all who have supported and currently support the mission of VHHP over the years.

Check back soon for new information on each of our current Board Members.

Ivette Reing

Chairperson/Board Member since 2016

Liz Cheney

Vice Chairperson/Board Member since 2019

Nancy Reing

Treasurer/Board Member since 2012

Barb Boutto

Secretary/Board Member since 2013

AJ Hegg

Board Member since 2018

Barb Hegg

Board Member since 2005

Jody Refsdal

Board Member since 2014

Marge Herr

Board Member since 2002

Shawna Kishel

Board Member since 2011

Emily Koch

Board Member since 2019

Ethan Cote

Board Member since 2019