Virgie Hegg Hospice Partners, Inc. sets aside funds for high school and college scholarships. Two high school and one college scholarship are awarded to two graduating seniors and one currently enrolled college student. High School applicants must be entering in a human medical field and college applicants must currently be studying in the human medical field.

This year, 2- $1,000 High school Scholarships will be awarded and 1 – $1,000 College Scholarship will be awarded. Due to the lack of high school scholarship applications, the board approved two college scholarship awardees this year.

Applications are due postmarked by April 15th to the Program Director. Scholarship applications can me mailed to PO Box 244, Cook, MN 55723 or emailed

Congratulations to Our Awardees

High School Scholarship Awardee

Abby Koch

College Scholarship Awardee

Bethany Cotten

College Scholarship Awardee

Brynn Simpson

High School Scholarship Application

College Scholarship Application

Past Scholarship Awardees

2021 High School – Brynn Simpson & Emily Fosso

2021 College – Bria Chiabotti

2020 High School – Bethany Cotten & Nicole Olson

2020 College – Bria Chiabotti.

2019 High School – Kate Stone & Bria Chiabotti.

2019 College – Paulette Campbell