Lights of Love

The VHHP board of directors would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all that contributed to the success of the 2022 Lights of Love Campaign.  

A special thank you to the volunteers in the communities of Cook, Orr and Tower for their work in coordinating the ceremonies!

 2022 Lights of Love Donation List

In Honor of

Shawna Kishel by Kris & Mike Walker

Linda Dasch by Susan Tuomela

Bob & Andrea L. Champa by Bob & Andrea Champa

Our Grandchildren – Braden, Jorey, Cederic, Athena, Theo & Xavier by Glen & Laurie Chilcote

Frances Scofield by Nancy & John Stoneburner

Marge McPeak by Renee Pollock

Father Beau Braun By Handberg’s Marine

Shannon Martin & family by Martin Home for Seniors

Lights of Love Board of Directors by Fortune Bay Resort Casino

VHHP Members by Dominic Kelley

My Grandparents by Samantha Amundson

In Memory of

Erwin & Vera Keister; Don Baumgartner by The Tire Shop

Ward, Leone & Paul Conklin by Cork & Lynn Connor

Sally Ann Chos by Anthony Chos

Janet Hill by Debra Hill

Eric “Jay” Kolstad by Doug & Sue Kolstad

Richard Flack & Memphas Padora by Don & Becky Simpson

Cassie Brandon by Roger & Nancy Lindbeck

Patty Karich & Judy Moline by Kris & Mike Walker

Bettie, Richard & Glenn Kirschner by The Hutton Family

Daniel & Paige by Sharon Swanson

Carole Ann Pohto, Ray Pohto, Roger Novak, Jim Backman, Jim Kirk, & Dave Lehtinen by Carol Pohto

Raymond Scofield by Frances Scofield

Family members and Friends by Muriel Simonson

Michael Biondi by Jeff & Carol Biondi

Gerard and Carol Antus by Carl Antus Family

Parents & Brother by Dennis & Elaine Passi

Dennis & Helen Hanson; Sanford & Betty Sandberg by Cam & Lori Sandberg

Family & friends that have passed by Randy & Juliann Grahn

Erling & Virgie Hegg by Cherie Bridges

Helen & John Cinciva; Marjorie & Donald Herr by Marge & Steve Herr

Sue Wolfe by Ray Wolfe

Bonnie Esala by Joyce Dall

Nick, Tammy, T.S. by Susan Tuomela

Gene Bowman & Tyler Erickson by Dale & Margaret Rinne

Jackie Champa, Bernadette Pappone, Darlene Karakas by Bob & Andrea Champa

Lloyd Gustafson by Mary Gustafson

Uncle Bill Fisher by Vermilion Vet Clinic  – The Fisher Family

Frank & Manian Kozumplik by Betty & Warren Mlaker

Don Price by Watering Can Garden Shop – Diane Pascuzzi

Frank Meyer & Doris Johnson by George & Kathleen Meyer

JosH Rutar by Todd, Chris, Kyle & Dusty Gabrielson

Joel Kantola by Laurie Potter

Bill & Anne Joki; Darwin & Phyllis Platter by Rob & Rhonda Joki

Susan Bessler & Dan Stoffregen by Lauren & Sheri Sawatzky

Penny Joelson by Delta Zabrocki 

Dorothea Olson; Viola Podpeskar Kmett by Pat & Dick Olson

Tenna Perkio; Michelle Perkio Perander by Bruce Perkio

Raymond Scofield by Nancy & John Stoneburner

Dorothy Woody by Chris Woody 

Colin & Grace Isaacson by Carl Antus Family

Leo Ducharme by Karen Ducharme

Jean & Leo Moeglein by Michael Moeglein

Margaret Graham & Harriet Hess by Kathleen McQuillan & John Hess

Pearl Aronen; Dolores Anderson; Murline Tahija by Renee Pollock

James & Emily Peyla by Richard Peyla

To all who have gone before us by Mlaker Funeral Home

Ellen Burckhardt by Cook Building Center

Chester Root by Linda Kronholm

Donald G. Housenga by Pauline E. Housenga

Senator Doug Johnson by The Class of 1960

Nancy, Lindi, & Julie Fogelberg by Steve Fogelberg

Warren & Regina Johnson, Nevin Johnson, Robert & Louise Dobosenski by Tim & Debbie Johnson

Patrick Wilenius & Our parents by Leo & Lindy Wilenius

Joe & Marion Giru by Janine & Jim Oakman

Chris, Don & Wanda Shoemaker by Gayle & Greg Shoemaker

George & Romelle Cable by Jerry & Amy Jo Shuster

Ted & Eva Nylund; Ben, Curt & Gary Nylund by Karen Schaar

Maxine Sandberg by Stacey & Steven Ratai

Joe & Norma Betlach; RH Aune by Julie & Greg Aune

JosH Rutar by Rob Rutar

Past members by Alango Sturgeon Homemakers

JoAnn Elms by Good Ol’ Days

Deceased St. Mary’s CCW Members by St. Mary’s CCW

Jody Cin; John & Faye Cin; Joseph & Mildred Peterka by John & Diane Cin

Donna Barnes; Linda Johnson by Tifany Briggs

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Erkkila; Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lenski by Dana Erkkila

Clay Jackson; Peggy Harju by Connie Harju

Loved Ones by Missy Bakker Roach

Vida Anderson; Fred Jacobi by Lois Jacobi

Don & Doris Roderick; Art & Lorraine Boutto by Gary & Barb Boutto

Butch Cottrell by Cleo Cottrell

Mike & Josephine Podpeskar, Kay & Angelo Sacchetti by Kathy & Tony Sacchetti

Joel Kantola by Terry & Bernadine Kantola

Fran & Ernie Stellmach, Jim Sanborn by Handberg’s Marine

Maxine Sandberg by B.I.C. Realty

Tom, Dick & Neil Mayo by Katy Mayo

Our Loved Ones by Barb Seopa

Buddy & Donna Nelson – my Mom & Dad; David Martin – Husband & Father by Shannon Martin

Dale Lundblad & Tony Pecha by Vermilion Land Office/Barb Hegg

Parents of Al & Carol Hoekstra by Al & Carol Hoekstra

Luis Peraza & Abuela Librada by Eleodora Peraza

Edren & Adelaide Hyppa;Joseph & Mildred Peterka by Marge Hyppa

Luis Peraza & Librada Garcia by Joesfina Gastelum

LoLin Hernandez by Catalina Peraza

Betty Brown by Julie Johnson

Jack Johnson & Darleen Johnson by Lori & Joel Astleford

Charlotte (Dottie) Gallagher by The Class of 1960

Pamela Clines by Timbuktu Marina

Vivan Pliml, Frank Pliml, & Eero Ruuska by George & Robin Pliml

Our Deceased Auxiliary Members by VFW Auxiliary Post 1757

Bill & LaVern Frommel; Wes & Jacquline Sjostedt by William & Joyce Frommel

Linda Frame by First National Bank Chisholm-Cook

Jim Katila by Sandy Katila

Tammy Johnson; Dale Long by Dale Johnson

Dale A. Lundblad by Nan Lundblad

Raymond Johnson by Raymond Johnson Family

Bob & Dave Martin by Linda Martin

Deceased Family Members by Tammy & Gary Palmer

Lon Lamppa by The Hegg Family

Leonard, Alice & Becky Niemi by The Hegg Family

Erling & Virgie Hegg by The Hegg Family

Bea Sjurseth by The Hegg Family

Great Grandma Marge by Bailey & Michaela Brunner

Grandpa Lloyd by Lilyana Jo Reing

Jerelyn & Roger Martinson by Hudson Sheffer

Grandma Karla Abramson by Nora & Leatah Anderson

Grandma Carol Abramson by Nora & Leatah Anderson

Grandma Kay Zika & Papa Alan Zika by Nova Rutchasky

George Ryan & Great Grandma Marcy by Samantha Amundson

Myrtle Mann, Wally Salo, Linda Johnson, & Grace Isaccson by Rachel & Shane Johnson and Family

Phil Cobby by The Cobby Family

Ellen Burckhardt by Stephanie & Eric Burckhardt

Robert & Madeline Delich by Gregory Delich

Generous Donations From:

Orr American Legion Post #480

Cook Timberwolves Snowmobile Club

Pehrson Lodge Resort

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Franks Pharmacy

Pat Michaelson

Bergetta & Michael Indihar

Lloyd McIntire

Disability Specialists

North Star Credit Union

Bechtold Eye Care/Cook Optical

Martinson Electric

Muskego Point Resort

Trinity Lutheran Church

Holly Abramson

Lake Vermilion Resort Association

Sandy Anderson

Janisch Realty

Scott Geiger

David Shusterich

Lights of Love is one of two major fundraisers for VHHP. VHHP relies on donor support through fundraisers, memorials and honorariums to grant all requests that come to us.

The Annual Lights of Love Campaign kicks off each November with tree lighting ceremonies commencing in December each year. The communities of Cook, Orr and Tower host tree lighting ceremonies with participation from local clergy and community choirs. Caroling and coffee fellowship follows at each site.

This year tree lighting ceremonies will take place in the communities of Cook and Orr.

  • Cook – Friday, December 2nd at the City Gazebo @ 5:30 pm
  • Orr – Saturday, December 3rd at the Orr Center @ 6:30 pm

Lights of Love is a wonderful opportunity to remember and honor loved ones by supporting quality hospice care in our local areas. Memorials and donations can be made in any amount starting at $5. Any donation that is received in the amount of $100 or more will result in your loved one’s name being placed on our memorial plaque at the Cook Hospital.

With the theme of “lights”, we have three levels of donations starting with $5 – Bulb; $10 – Ice Candle; $25 String of lights. You don’t actually purchase these things, it is just a way to choose what level you want to support hospice.  Donations may be given in honor or in memory of a loved one(s).

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